Wednesday, December 23, 2015

B&R Collision's New Website

We're working on a brand new website for B&R Collision in Hawley, PA. B&R is an auto body shop located at 512 Church St, Hawley, PA 18428. They are ASE and I-CAR certified and have a Car-O-Liner Frame Machine, Digital Measuring System, and Standox Paint System.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Doug's Towing & Recovery's NEW WEBSITE!

Skinny's Webworks is hard at work for Doug's Towing & Recovery. A  reputable and professional towing and recovery business in the Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania area, Doug's operators are wreckmaster certified in light and medium duty towing and recovery. They also have a team of highly trained master SCUBA divers who are undoubtedly some of the regions most experienced divers. Professionally owned and operated, they strive to make your experience personable and worry free.

You can count on the experts at Doug's Towing & Recovery to provide the highest standards of service in the industry and help you avoid those automotive pitfalls down the road. Specializing in providing prompt and professional service for all your towing needs, each member of their team is here to serve you and provide you peace of mind.

Call Doug's Towing & Recovery at (570) 689-1441 and stay tuned for their brand new website!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

You Can Make Money With Us!

Sell Our Services...

Skinny's Webworks offers a lot of services direct to our clients.  But we also offer our services via resellers and an impressive commission!  If your business would benefit by offering website design, graphic arts, social media, marketing, advertising or any of our specialties to your clients...we would love to be your internet services provider.

Our generous commission for referral jobs is based upon the entire project and continuing services.

Visit for more information!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Google Adwords Video Advertising!

In addition to all our other services, Skinny’s Webworks offers Google Adwords Video Advertising via!  This is a service that displays your company’s video advertisement at the beginning of a related YouTube video.  While some people find this type of advertising annoying, YouTube says it is here to stay.  So…since an advertisement is going to run, why not have it be one for your company?

So What's the Cost?

Surprisingly inexpensive…if done correctly.  As you probably know, YouTube is the biggest video site on the internet serving 4 Billion (yes…with a “B”) videos per day to it’s users.  I’ll give you a real-world example.  Skinny’s Webworks also runs the website and marketing for where we sell premium aquarium backgrounds.

Skinny’s Webworks put together a fairly simple video commercial at a cost of about $300.00 to the customer. Aquarium Backgrounds

Of course you can hire a video production company for your video if you like and we can help you with that service also.  But for the purpose of, this little commercial is intended to simply let viewers know that the company and their service exists.  Exposure.

During the first day running, this commercial cost $2.00 to run, was viewed in it’s entirety 348 times at a final cost of 2 cents per view.  We are additionally posting this video to our blog, Facebook and other social media sites to extend our exposure.

So as you can see, Google Adwords and YouTube advertising is an inexpensive advertising medium with targeted analytics to reach the right customer with the right interests. Internet advertising doesn’t have to be scary or expensive if you know how to do it right.

Find out more about our services at and just for fun…here are a couple new commercials we are running for Guitar Skins. Guitar Skins Guitar Skins

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Microsoft Publishes Sci-Fi Anthology Inspired by Quantum Computing & Skype

“Earlier this year, Microsoft invited a group of science fiction writers into its research department, giving them unfettered access to its people and resources with the purpose of inspiring a collection of short stories. That collection — titled Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoftis now out, featuring stories from nine award-winning authors on topics from translation to teleportation.

Among the authors invited was Ann Leckie, who won a suite of awards for her debut novel Ancillary Justice in 2013, David Brin, a longtime sci-fi writer who has also served on the advisory board of NASA's Innovative and Advanced Concepts group, and Robert J. Sawyer, whose novel FlashForward was the basis for the show of the same name. Microsoft says each of the writers was free to choose which area of research they wanted to base their stories in, but that they ended up sharing a number of overlapping themes.  "At the time, we were super interested in certain things, like machine learning, deep neural networks, Skype Translator," said Allison Linn, the co-editor of the collection.


Leckie's story focuses particularly on translation, following a dispute between two spacefaring factions that speak two different languages that requires careful interpretation. The subject is an aspiration for Skype, which has started to incorporate on-the-fly translation features for a future in which people using different languages may be able to speak directly to each other through software. Leckie said her conversations with Microsoft's researchers colored her work, noting that while "it's easy to mechanically say this word should always be translated ‘truck,'" the meaning can change in context, or with body language or tone shifts. "If you know the speaker is agitated," Leckie said, "that provides part of how you're translating the sentence."

The Future Visions collection is available for free download now. While the co-operation of Microsoft means the stories won't imagine a future destroyed by monolithic tech corporations, Jennifer Henshaw — who co-edited the book with Linn — said the company wanted it to stand "not as a piece that was published by Microsoft, but as a piece of science fiction literature that stands on its own." Certainly, the authors included in the anthology have the serious sci-fi pedigree to make that claim.” – By Rich McCormick - The Verge



Monday, November 16, 2015

A Beautiful New Marina Website for the 2016 Season!

Your Marina is Unique...and so are Our Services!

Creating a beautiful website is our specialty! An eye-catching site will draw attention and curiosity from potential customers. Wouldn’t you like to have a new website for the upcoming 2016 boating season to draw in customers and more business? Get started today and let our creative staff at design a website that’s specifically tailored to you and your unique marina!

There is something about your marina that is unique and special. Something that your customers love and have come to appreciate. The people, the atmosphere and your attention to their needs.  This is your business, your passion and your marina. At, we understand your needs and work with you to recreate that unique feeling and attention to detail that makes you and your marina...special!

Your marina...your website! We do completely custom websites crafted upon your business presence, your customers needs and your goals. We partner with you as your technical consultant, examine your requirements and budget and explain to you what our decades of experience tells us are your best choices for website design, social media engagement, internet advertising and marketing. We get you in front of your customers and let them know that you are the authority for boating information, sales and service.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Star Wars’ Inspirations –

On December 18, 2015, “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” will be released in theaters! This new installment of the ever popular “Star Wars” films is a continuation of the saga created by George Lucas and set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983).

Arriving in 1977 was a film that altered cinema forever. “Star Wars” first emerged in theaters over 38 years ago causing writer/director, George Lucas, to leave a profound legacy. “Star Wars” has left an impact on more than just pop culture and world politics.

As the “Force” behind “Star Wars”, George Lucas was heavily inspired by artists from decades before. Artists such as Frank R. Paul, Hannes Bok, and Anton Brzezinski are among the earliest influences behind the amazing “Star Wars” franchise.


As the original illustrator of the first and numerous sequels, "Ralph A. McQuarrie (1929-2012), pulled influence from these artists as well.


For more information regarding the “Star Wars” artists and designers influences, visit


Monday, November 9, 2015

Why you need to check out Skinny’s Webworks!

There are so many web design companies out there with so many options. So then why should you check out Skinny’s Webworks? Well, we don’t just do website design. Skinny’s also provides social media engagement, e-commerce, advertising and marketing, and more! Anything you need for your business’s online presence can be accomplished through Skinny’s Webworks, at unbelievably low prices!

Skinny's Webworks is a full-stack development company. Full-stack means that we pretty much offer any service your business requires. If a particular task is not something Skinny's Webworks offers in-house, we utilize our partnerships with other professional companies to handle the work for us, while we manage them for you!

In addition to offering anything you need, we also excel in creativity and customer service. Our professional team of designers can create any style website you desire while providing an extremely comfortable and knowledgeable atmosphere for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and work with different kinds of companies.

Our website portfolio can be found on along with detailed descriptions of all the services we can provide for your business. Contact us today for even more information!


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadside Bistro & Sci-Fi Anthology Websites

We’re hard at work designing new websites for a couple of businesses. Roadside Bistro, a food truck in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Science Fiction Art Anthology, a collection of sci-fi art, have teamed up with Skinny’s Webworks to produce a very strong, captivating internet presence!

Roadside Bistro


A food truck mainly located in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, offering mouth-watering catering and main menus! Cooking up favorites like sirloin or chicken cheese steaks, general tso’s tacos, Greek gyro’s, and so much more, they offer something for everyone! Roadside Bistro also travels to local fairs and other events in their area.

Science Fiction Art Anthology


The collection dates from about 1910 to about 1972. This is the art that started it all! Many of these pieces were the original art for such books as "War of the Worlds", "Time Machine" and many others. Also such great science fiction magazines as “Amazing Stories”, Weird Tales”, “Authentic Sci-Fi”, and “Famous Monsters”.

Check out these new websites, and visit to see what we can do for your business!

Skinny’s Webworks - A unique name, an effective plan, a modern solution.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Introducing –Marina & Boat Dealer Websites, Services and More!

There is something about your marina that is unique and special.  Something that your customers love and have come to appreciate.  The people, the atmosphere and your attention to their needs.  This is your business, your passion and your marina.  At, we understand your needs and work with you to recreate that unique feeling and attention to detail that makes you and your marina...special!


Our latest division of Skinny’s Webworks is  With years of marina and boat sales experience, advertising, graphics, websites and marketing… can get you out front and in front of the right customers, in the right demographics to help increase your brand, your presence and your sales.

Visit us over at as we are finishing off our site and lets see what we can do for you!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Introducing Skinny’s Webworks! – Websites, Marketing and a Whole Lot More.

My name is Mark Witten.  I am the owner and operator of a number of successful websites and businesses.  The most famous of which is guitar skins.

Today…I would like to introduce you to something new and perfectly suited to what I, along with a few other talented individuals, are now making available to you and other businesses.  Introducing Skinny’s Webworks at!


Skinny's Webworks is a professional business services company offering internet, marketing, media, social, graphics and advertising services. From website design to television commercials and e-commerce, our experienced group of creative and fun-loving individuals excel in helping you take a business idea...and make it a profitable reality. But what we have created is something different and unique.

In addition to taking the typical role of geeky, nerdy and overly technical services and making them a little more fun and fresh, we are offering all our years of website, graphics, marketing, advertising and social media experience to the world.

In short…we have made our success through these areas of business expertise…especially on the internet and now wish to share them with you to help make you, your business and/or your product success a reality.  You can get all the details at, but here, I am going to explain a few things about us.


I have been in the computer programming, design and website field since 1989.  Running and our other businesses has been a blast!  I have met some of the coolest customers in the world (literally) and simply love my job.  Then the thought came to me.  Why not offer the experience gained through these interactions to other businesses?  And just as important…why not bring a few professional friends into the fold with me?  And that is where Skinny’s Webworks begins.

Yes…we have all the technical, business and experience of other web design companies, but part of the fun of running a business is the persona and the attitude.  So we decided to keep Skinny the Skunk as our mascot to remind us that while business is about profit and success…you can still be fun, personable and have a great time doing your job, growing your business and building a satisfied customer base.

So to avoid boring you any further, click on over to and see what we are all about.  What we offer, what we have done and what we can do for you.  We may not be everybody’s “cup of tea”, but if you wish to build a personality…a brand…and a happy customer base, you should at least see the path we have chosen.