Friday, February 26, 2016

Why is Social Media so Important for a Business?

There are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet. Your website is one of those. So how does a person find your website, discover your store and see what you have to offer? A combination of search engine optimization, advertising and a strong social media engagement.

Why is social media so important for a business?
1. You get to interact with your customers - Interacting with your customers builds a personal relationship which makes your customers trust you. Someone is more apt to do business with a company they communicate with.

2. You can respond to customers faster - If a customer has an issue or concern after business hours they have to call or email and leave a message for you to respond the next day. With social media, they have the option to reach out to you and get a faster response, which provides better customer service.

3. More people come across your business - A major benefit to using social media for your business is FREE advertising! Someone likes/follows your page then all their friends see that activity. You're being put in front of potential customers without even doing anything.

There are many more reasons social media is important for your business. Skinny's Webworks can help you to build your social media presence or we can build it for you! We establish your company and brand and engage your customers...which is paramount to your success.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Buy/Sell Local Pocono, PA Products!

The Poconos of Pennsylvania, a beautiful vacation spot, is full of talented individuals who sell amazing products! From team jerseys, to hand painted ornaments, custom horseshoe boot racks, and premium guitar products, features a variety of items that are produced and sold directly from the Pocono Mountains.

Are you a Poconos local and have a great product you'd like to sell to the world? Click here!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Website Themes, Ideas, & Designs

Choosing the design or theme of your website is always the most difficult task. What colors, style, layout...etc. Skinny's Webworks can help you with all of that by understanding what your company does and what type of attitude and presence you wish to portray to the public. We can make any style website you wish since we hand-craft every site from scratch.  But if you are looking for some general ideas, you've come to the right place.Website Themes Ideas & Designs! While browsing the designs and ideas on this page, please keep in mind that the themes shown are suggestions only. You are by no means limited to what is displayed here. And if you see a design you really like...even if the theme shows a completely different business, we can use this as a starting point and completely customize the feel of the design for your business.