Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ways to Increase Your Income

Everyone wants to increase their income but it may not be an option to get a better paying job. Here are some ways you can increase your income while staying where you are.

• Talk to your boss about working from home, even if it's just a few days a week. This will cut down on the costs of commuting to work by saving wear and tear miles on your vehicle and will reduce the amount you spend on gas. A lot of insurance companies also offer discounts if you drive under a certain number of miles a year.

• Staying healthy and fit helps cut down on medical costs in the long run which increases your income. However, with the high costs of gym memberships it's smart to work out on your own. Find a friend to work out with and go for runs/walks in your local area, or do some work out videos in your home to save.

• Saving receipts from business expenses that are not reimbursable is a good way to put more money in your pocket. These expenses can be a tax write off.

• Sometimes it doesn't take much to turn an old table, chair, dresser, or other furniture into something beautiful. A successful way to increase your income is to update and sell old pieces you may have laying around the attic or basement (or anywhere else). If you're really crafty and can make custom products they sell like crazy on sites like Etsy or eBay.

• One of the biggest expenses a family has is child care but many companies offer child care. This is a wonderful thing to take advantage of if you have one or more children. If your company doesn't offer free or discounted child care, you may be able to receive benefits to help with child care. One example of this is Yahoo, who offers $500 to employees to spend on baby items.

• Paying off your debt can help increase your income, especially if you're carrying debt on a credit card that has a high interest rate. Using a credit card but paying off the balance in full every month to avoid interest charges also helps increase the money in your pocket.

• Save without thinking about it by setting up automatic withdrawals from your check that go directly into your savings account. The average American saves only 5-6% which is very low and barely helps you get ahead. By setting up your account so more of your check goes directly into your savings is a great way to keep more money for the future.

• Sell our services. The Skinny's Webworks Street Team is our external sales group where approved associates earn a commission-based income by offering our professional services to individuals and businesses.  Commissions are paid upon the completion of the project and payment by the client.